No operating system, Useless Computer

When there is no operating system of the computer, no one can use the computer. There are different operating system that operates the computer. Some operates software and some operates photos  and files. Above everything the computer is operated by Windows Microsoft and it is very necessary for the operating system to access anything that is in the computer.

The operating system of the computer is like the heartbeat of the computer. Therefore thanks to the development of many operating system, the computer can work brilliantly. Sometimes we might wonder how the computer responds in all the action we take in the computer. This is the work of an operating system. It records the activity of the computer ans stores what the needed files i accordance with the user. Many people will think of using many operating system, but sometimes each operating system causes crashes with each other and this makes the computer down, this is when a computer is very slow.

From the beginning, there has been so many improvement of the operating system so each operating system keeps on updating. This is the work of those who created operating systems. Thanks to the development of these ones. We can understand how people are helping us to utilize the use of computers in these days.If all operating systems will be down, then nothing will be done in a computer. Each computer has its own operating system that runs it. However, if people are not contented, then they will install another OS that gives them satisfaction.