Different Kinds of Operating System

Here are the most important operating system that are being used in the whole world. In each an every country, people are using operating system in order to make sure that they have their own way in their own style as a nation. It is very natural that people would use operating system the are very comfortable with.

Macintosh Operating System. This Macintosh Operating System can do optimization by itself. It is also very responsive to any malware and malfunction that attacks the computer.

Microsoft Windows. This Windows operating system comes in many versions. First version that was published is Windows 3 and now many Windows are published until Windows 10. Since there are many versions, there has been an upgrading of this system and made better and better.

Linux Operating System. This is an operating system that that was started by Linus Torvalds and company. The operating system is an open source so that anyone who wants to change the system can freely do so. Modifying the default settings of the system can so it. This is generally known as Linux Kernel too.

Unix. This is one of the most common computer operating system being widely used in the world. It is This is a good partner with other computer operating system such as Microsoft Windows. What is good about this is that it can load programs simultaneously.

All operating systems are developed in for better functions of computer and and software.