The beginning of windows presented in a timeline until the windows 10

Today let us go back in time to see again the birth of the famous and now well used Microsoft word. It was first named as an interface manager before it was upgraded and made into windows by someone who came with the great idea to change and name it into windows. It has been now known worldwide as it began and was given birth in the year of 1985 with the release of the first product that uses the  MS DOS interface called windows 1.

With that beginning, the company has started to develop the windows so that it could be better and new features are available that can cope up with the current times. They produced different and updated versions from the time the forst version was released. Many versions have been released and everytime a new version is released, the previous one would be deleted and the new one installed. But as some issues arise and it is better for all the company now will just need to have an update regularly. Like this clinic for eye, I love it even more. My eyesight has been restored greatly by the help of this eye clinic, see to believe, ​move here 典範. So glad that there is this clinic to help me.

It has also undergone many changes so that they could be up to date and users sometimes still use the old version as they prefer it more. They have simpler features and it is just enough for the need of users. But now they are no longer releasing new versions as they are developed but they would just be upgraded with the release of the Windows 10 this year of 2015. All you need also is a great service for your cataract problem with the help of this clinic, check more That is why many now installed the Windows 10.