Looking into the details of the birth, development and achievement of android

In this world, there are many things that are discovered and being developed in relation to technology. The world id s full of knowledge and ideas that now are being implemented. We can see many inventions and discoveries. with the help of these inventions and discoveries, the world can be able to benefit from it and everyone can be able to have a chance to know about those inventions if they are being widely promoted. The best way to promote them is by using them to produce a product.

One of the inventions that came with technology at the present time is the android. As it is now widely used and many people use phones that use the android technology that is why we will take a look at its origin and also when it is being developed and being improved and also when it was being used by this elder care company 長照中心. You can see that its beginning is due to the work of four people and it was continued to be one that will be a successful one.

Even if the technology is originally intended for digital cameras but the mobile phone market was preferred as there is more potential. It was then developed and since the start, the android was developed but was then bought by Google. From that time on there are many versions that were released. Some are a success but some are not. At this time there is still development going on to produce a better one to be of use.