The comparison of the 5 android operating system using 7 categories

The birth of the Android operating system brought forth a world that opens up possibilities that are still being developed and maintained at this time. Since Android was developed there are different versions that they had released. each has their own feature and they had their own characteristics that are appealing to the makers of mobile phone and use it in accordance with the device features or use. With the release of a particular phone, there is the corresponding Android operating system they use.

Only five among those developed Android operating system is being featured here. Many people do not know the differences of the operating system that runs there phones and they just use it. But as the first versions of the operating system are developed more development are being made so that another could be developed and be in use. So today we can be able to know the differences of these five operating system. When one will choose a mobile phone they do not usually check what is the operating system used. Here is a company that provides a full management service for your home. Family Service is essential to let your home be organize. Check their site over here.

That is because they focus on what they know to make a choice and that is the features of the phone, the durability, the color, the camera pixel and other reasons. But most of the time the operating system is not asked that is because of it is not known what is the difference to others. The Honeycomb operating system is specially designed for tablet use only and for this cleaning service company 清潔公司. Others are for mobile phones and tablets.