The list of 10 popular fonts used in three different operating system

In this article, we will know what are the popular fonts that are being used by people who have their own operating system of choice installed and being used. There are many fonts that you can choose but there are those who are considered to be formal and they are mostly used by students or researchers or the workers. Let us see then if what we use are the ones that are popular. The infographic provides us with the information divided into a different group of categories.

You can see that the top font name of the ones who use the Windows operating system is Tahoma. When I have not yet read the infographic I thought that time roman could go into the top list as the number one but I was wrong. In the next operating system, the top font name being used is the Helvetica. In the last operating system, it is Century Schoolbook L. The ones here are the most popular ones and you can also know the others that belong to the list by reading the infographic. Styling fonts is also done in styling interior designs. Check my site to see some sample designs. Gorgeous templates has been done in actual for you.

Another list by category of the sans serif division is presented and in accordance still to the three operating system. There is also the category of fantasy¬†fonts listed per operating system and another still is the cursive style of font. It has it’s also its own list of the top five most popular fonts that are being used. Also in the last part, you can see the top ten fonts used in google font directory and in the fontspring.