Introduction to Operating Systems

The computer hardware and software are important programs. Through an operating system, these programs can function or operate well. Among the operating systems being used today is the Microsoft Windows XP. It is a very popular operating system being used throughout the world. It is also the most commonly used kind of computer operating system. The Microsoft Windows 7,8, and 10 are very popular. Below is an image of Microsoft Windows 10 devices.

The computer has its own language which we cannot understand or even speak. In most business industries, there are managers of different departments. It is the same with the computer. The operating system serves as the manager of both the computer’s software and the hardware. There are different types of computer operating systems.

Each system varies with the computer which you purchase. Good thing is that you can actually change or upgrade your computer’s operating system. For example, if the computer you bought has an operating system which is Microsoft Windows 8, you can just update it to Windows 10. The latter is, of course sure to be better than the former. However, it would be quite annoying sometimes. You may come to the point of regretting.

You might regret that you upgraded your computer’s operating system. Why? It’s like when you go to other country and experience a culture shock. It would take time for you to adjust. It is the same. When you upgrade the operating system of your computer, it will also experience a sudden shock. It will take time to make the upgraded system be compatible with your computer.